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Culture and history, sports and nature, food and wine - Experiences are many

Piemonte is located in the northwest of Italy, bordering the French Alps to the west and Switzerland to the north. The name comes from "piede" and "monte", respectively feet and
mountain. Piedmont is one of Italy's richest regions and the capital is Turin.

The region is very centrally located for nature lovers, sports fans and those who enjoy the big city life. The area is also mentioned in connection with the rich
art, culture and history. The towns in the area have been the subject to conquest and invations, wars and rivalries throughout history.

The idea for the Italian unification evolved on this basis, in Piedmont, where the provincial capital of Turin was the kingdom of Italy's first capital
in 1861 and housed the first king of Italy, Vittorio Emmanuele II.

Piedmont is still best known for its cuisine and its wine production. Food and wine are inseparable in Piedmont. Both are strong, powerful, original,
mature and somehow autumn marked. When it comes to gastronomy, the Piedmont is a very special region, both because of its location and fertility.

The traditional Piedmontese cuisine is robust, rich in taste, diverse and inventive. Piedmont has a wide selection of products and specialties. The core of the culinary art thus involves choosing the best ingredients and emphasize and enhance their natural flavor and quality. Meanwhile simplicity is something of the secret of the success. A simple pasta with white truffle can taste heavenly.
Much of the traditional cuisine is still time-consuming and a real Piedmontese meal is generously and lush.
Particularly mentioned is always truffles, meats, cheeses, pasta, chocolate and hazelnuts.

Wine connoisseurs from far and wide rains Piedmont as one of the best wine regions in the world. The basis of Piedmont famous wines were formed 14 million years ago. Deposits from that time gives the grapes that grow here that little extra today.

Nebbiolo - also known as the queen of red grapes - is the most important, noblest and most prestigious grape.
The name come from the Italian word for fog, nebbia, allegedly because it will be ripe in late October when the famous Piedmont fog reportedly comes down from the Alps. Light reddish-orange color. A fragrance of nuts, ripe cherries, mushrooms, truffles, leather and tobacco. And acidity and tannins unparalleled. Nebbiolo ability to be stored in the cellar for decades has made it famous and sought after.

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