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World of Fine Wine - article:  "How I learned to love Barolo" - By Margaret Rand

Svein Lindin:
Vinofil is a state of mind.
My world consists of wine more or less around the clock, either through tastings in Norway and abroad, study at home or when I hold wine classes.
So far gone that my official middle name actually Vinofil!

Norway's leading magazine about wine since 1986.

An app to the phone or tablet that provides access to price comparison and evaluation of wine that you and your friends have tried.

In his 45th vintage is Horeca the best channel for the industry through the magazine's systematic and thorough coverage of the target groups.
Horeca is the industry's undisputed leader leader magazine, indispensable for professionals who want to refresh themselves in the fields of organization, management, operation and concept.
The magazine is renowned as a forum for exchanging experiences and for good advice to industry, descriptions of interesting concepts, corporate and trend analysis.
Horeca comes out seven times a year.